[VIDEO] This Defender Dived and Punched the Ball in his Box but the Ref Pretended he didn’t See it.

Egyptian referee Gehad Greisha has come under fire for not awarding Zamalek a penalty when Misr El-Maqassa defender Ahmed Sami clearly handled the ball in the penalty area.

Zamalek was trailing to Hussein El-Shahat’s 16th minute strike when they were awarded a free-kick just after the hour mark.

In the 66th minute, when the fee-kick was slotted into the penalty area, Ahmed Sami was seen diving and then punching the ball away for a corner. This shameful act was in clear view of everyone except the referee.

Now Mr Gehad Greisha who is on the card to officiate in the 2018 World Cup in Russia is under immense pressure, he may be dropped by FIFA for his sloppy display.

Zamalek Contemplate League Withdrawal

In the aftermath of the controversial loss to Misr El-Maqassa, Zamalek held a General meeting chaired by the Club President Mr Mortada Mansour.

According to Egyptian football website KingFut, Zamalek are reflecting on withdrawing from the Egyptian League according to what they say is a League marred with a string refereeing scandals.

The website adds that four suggestions were brought forward which the assembly will have to vote on. These are:

  1. Zamalek’s withdrawal from the Egyptian Premier League
  2. Zamalek to proceed in the league
  3. Authorizing the club board to take the appropriate decision
  4. Playing with the youth team for the remainder of the season

As we await the outcomes of the Assembly in the near future, any decision taken by Zamalek will have a bearing on the direction the Egyptian League takes from then on.