Football cannot live without some fun, and so some parody guys give that to us. Twitter, the microblogging social network has many funny accounts that will give you a hard laugh and also breathe life into the beautiful game.

In this list, we bring you 16 of those wonderful sites that you should follow.

1. @optajoke

2. @evilkagawa

3. @DeludedBrendan

4. @FunnyFootyQuote

5. @ConfusedPogba

6. @evilhenrikh

7. @JoseZeJoker

8. @usasoccerguy

9. @wengerknowsbest

10. @Lordbendtner

11. @zlatanfacts

12. @boringmilner

13. @Roy_Keane_Esq

14. @UberFootball

15. @FootyHumour

16. @Kantefacts

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